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For over 25 years, Maryanne Spryszak-Hanna has expertly represented clients in the courts of Southeast Michigan.

She has a reputation for skillfully guiding family law clients through the often emotionally charged process of divorce. Maryanne Spryszak-Hanna brings exactly the kind of expertise and understanding to your aid. 

She aggressively fights for the rights of those charged in criminal court. She also has expertise in wills and estates.

And then there are issues involved with communication with clients.

"I tell my clients exactly what it's like to go before a judge. I tell them 'this is what is going to happen'. If they don't know these things, then they are not prepared for court. It can be devastating.

MSH has represented defendants charged with felonies and misdemeanors in courtrooms throughout the metropolitan area for over 25 years.

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Family Law

Divorce, custody, support, property division, debt allocation and spousal support.

Above all, when it comes to family law, a client seeks a sure, steady hand. A strong, yet sensitive guiding figure who fully understands both the tangled emotional challenges and the tactical legal issues involved.

Just listing the kinds of charged matters involved with divorce - child custody, debt allocation, spousal support - make clear what a formidable process it is. Ms. Spryszak-Hanna has navigated literally hundreds of clients to a satisfactory result in that process, both in terms of emotional relief and financial security.

Criminal Law

Misdemeanors, felonies and juvenile delinquency

With criminal law, the challenges are no less daunting. There are the purely tactical issues such as when to negotiate a plea, deciding a bench or jury trial, or when to hold a hearing.

Will and Estates

Probate, Guardianship, powers of attorney and advance directives
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For over 25 years, Maryanne Spryszak-Hanna has expertly represented clients in the courts of Southeast Michigan.​

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